Sterilisation with ethylene oxide

Wishing to answer all the requests of its customers, the Ionisos group, French leader of sterilisation by ionisation (gamma and beta) possesses two units of sterilisation with ethylene oxide :

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IONISOS is located at the Gien site (45) and is since 1st September 2005, ISO 9001-ISO 13485 certified .
IONISOS is located at the Civrieux d’Azergues site (69), certified ISO 9001/13485 and ISO 11135.

The Gien capabilities are:

  • Receiving capabilities to receive shipping containers and putting on pallets packaging before preparation and processing.
  • Pre-processing capacities of 6×18 pallets.
  • Processing capabilities with 3 units of 1×17 pallets and 2×18 pallets.
  • Two 18-pallet dynamic aeration cells based on vacuum cycles and temperature control. These autoclaves make it possible to obtain desorption within less than 24 hours of difficult products both by the materials used and by the design and processing of the devices.
  • A dynamic storage capacity of 150 pallets with temperature control and ventilation.
  • A dynamic storage capacity of more than 100 m3 with temperature and hygrometry control particularly intended for aeration of archives and collections of libraries after processing in expectation of the desired OER threshold.
  • A storage hall for treated products.
The capabilities of Civrieux d’Azergues are:

  • A compartmentalized zone of temperature setting of the products before passing through the sterilisation cycle with a temperature control (7 compartments of 18 pallets).
  • Four units
    • 52m3 with a capacity of 18 pallets
    • 41m3 with a capacity of 16 pallets
    • 25m3 with a capacity of 10 pallets
    • 11m3 with a capacity of 4 pallets
  • A compartmentalised zone of ventilation of the products in dynamic storage with controlled temperature and ventilation (9 compartments of 34 pallets).
  • A microbiological analysis laboratory for the cultivation of biological indicators and the compensation of the population for biological indicators.
  • An analysis laboratory equipped with a gas chromatograph for the determination of ethylene oxide treatment residues (ethylene oxide and ethylene chlorohydrate).

Ionisos also offers beta and gamma treatment.

Beta        Gamma