Radiation chemistry

Polymerisation makes it possible to harden or cross-link in a dense three-dimensional network of polymer resins dedicated to the manufacture of composite parts, flooring or dedicated to the restoration of historical objects.

Sectors concerned : composites, aerospace, wood, restoration.

Examples of applications : tanks and composite hulls, wooden floors …

Cross-linking makes it possible to create, within a thermoplastic-type polymer, a three-dimensional network, not as dense as that of a thermo- or radio-hardenable polymer, but sufficient to improve the characteristics of the plastic material.

Sectors concerned : electrical engineering, automobile, tubes, cables, packaging, industry in general

Examples of application :

  • electric parts in cross-linked polyamide (PA) in substitution for thermoset resins: cross-linking gives the PA the necessary resistance to electric arcs, the production rates are higher in PA
  • air ducts under engine bonnet, fasteners
  • packaging with chemical resistance and improved barrier properties
  • cross-linked polyethylene tube (PER C) for underfloor heating, domestic water supply
  • cross-linked PE cable with enhanced chemical, thermal and fire resistance
  • cross-linked hydrogel for preparing bone substitutes or fill material

Grafting makes it possible to make functional, a substrate from an at least bi-functional molecule, one of the functions being that the one to be conferred to support, the second allowing attachment to the substrate.

Sectors concerned : textiles, composites, chemistry and polymers.

Examples of applications :

  • hydrophobic resin grafted to a hydrophilic molecule for adhesive coating
  • flame retardant linen fabric

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