X-Ray treatment

Traitement par rayons X

The ionization process used in the facility involves exposing the products to be treated to X-ray radiation emitted by a high-power electron accelerator.

Fundamental Principles: X-rays, known for their use in medical imaging, also play a crucial role in high-precision sterilization. They are generated by accelerating electrons which, when striking a metal target, produce high-energy X-rays.

Characteristics of X-rays in Sterilization:

  • X-ray Energy: The X-rays used for sterilization typically have energy ranging from 5 to 7 MeV, allowing for deep and uniform penetration of materials.
  • Sterilization Process: The items to be sterilized are exposed to X-rays in a specially designed chamber. An automated system ensures precise movement of the products through the X-ray beam, guaranteeing uniform and controlled exposure.

Advantages of X-ray Sterilization:

  • Efficiency and Uniformity: Thanks to their high energy, X-rays effectively penetrate various types of materials, ensuring homogeneous sterilization.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of products, including those sensitive to other sterilization methods.
  • Safety and Environment: This technology minimizes environmental and safety risks associated with the use of chemicals or radioactive sources.

Sterilization process

Preparation and positioning

The products are prepared and positioned in the sterilization chamber.


The products are exposed to X-rays. The duration and intensity of exposure are rigorously controlled to ensure effective sterilization while preserving the integrity of the product.

Quality Control

After irradiation, each batch undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization.

Our X-Ray Treatment Site

Ionisos also offers treatment using ionizing radiation and ethylene oxide.

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