Beta Rays

 Products to be ionized using beta rays (accelerated electron beams) are exposed at controlled speed to the beta radiation. The beta rays are generated from an electron beam machine.



The emitted electrons have one energy level: 9.8 Mev +/- 0.2.

An automatic system of conveyors moves the products into irradiation cell, where they are passed under the electron beam according to the specified speed. The speed depends on the dose level and nature of the product.

The treatment is generally carried out in two passes under the beam: the product, typically in its cardboard box passes by the electron beam, following witch it is inverted and the opposite side of the cardboard box is treated, in what is know as double-side treatment.

The absorbed dose received by the product depends primarily on the following parameters :

  • power and the energy of the electron beam,
  • throughput speed under the beam,
  • the composition and density of materials

Location : Chaumesnil and Taracón  (Spain)

The electron beams are produced by electric generators which use high energy – 10 MeV – high penetration electrons.

Irradiation is a continuous process and a very quick operation, with exposure times of only a few seconds. The dose, expressed in kiloGrays (kGy), is inversely proportional to the speed of the conveyor under the electron beam.

The conveyor speed is the only check parameter that is needed once the packagings have been passed.

A reliable and reproducible method of treatment

Computer files, production document files and the simplicity of the process ensure reliable and reproducible treatment. This is a physical process that has no after-effects and involves no raising of the temperature.

Ionisos also offers gamma-ray treatment and the Ethylene Oxide.