Aug 20

Development of Ionisos in Spain

IONMED joins the IONISOS group

SEPI (Spanish State Corporation of Industrial Participation) announced the sale of IONMED (a division of ENUSA) to IONISOS. The decision was announced on July 27, 2007. IONMED is the Spanish leader for the treatment of ionizing radiation by accelerated electrons or e-beam.

IONISOS is very pleased to confirm the acquisition of IONMED (located in Spain, near Madrid)

IONISOS operates in France 3 gamma factories and 2 e-beam plants.

SEPI and IONISOS consider that the objective of ensuring the continuity of the company and its expansion in Spain is fully fulfilled.

With this acquisition IONISOS is positioning itself as the reference company for sterilization in southern Europe.

IONMED opened in 1995 in Tarancón (near Madrid) was destined to develop the ionization market in Spain.

IONMED and IONISOS will continue and develop the work already accomplished by IONMED from the site of Tarancón for the Spanish and Portuguese market. With the growth of the market IONMED / IONISOS envisages the addition of other sterilization techniques or the construction of new units.

IONISOS, was formed in 1993 by the merger of Conservatome (gamma) and Amphytrion (gamma), and in 1997 the acquisition of Caric (e-beam) brought it a complementary treatment technique in the ionization sector.

IONISOS also created 2 years ago the company STERYLENE to operate on the market of sterilization by Ethylene Oxide.

For further information, please contact the IONISOS headquarters: Z.I. les Chartinières 01120 Dagneux France (Carole Fournier 33 (0) 4 78 06 35 08) or send an e-mail to:

President IONISOS