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Gamma Rays

The process of ionization consists in exposing the products to be treated with the gamma radiations emitted by a source of Cobalt 60.

The emitted photons have two energy levels: 1,17 and 1,33 MeV.
Note: it is necessary to reach energy levels higher than 10 MeV to induce a radioactivity in the exposed product.
The energy level of the photons gamma of the treatment is thus too low to induce a radioactivity.

These gamma rays allow the sterilization of medical material, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals products.
The source is permanently in position of treatment, i.e maintained in the air in the cell of treatment.
An automatic system of conveyor conveys the products in to the cell of irradiation, passing close to the radiation source according to a definite circuit and at a speed adapted, before leaving the cell.
The absorptive dose (by a given part of the container whatever its position in the ionizer) depends primarily on the following factors:

* the activity and configuration of the source,
* the distance between the source and the container,
* duration of irradiation,
* the composition and density of materials.