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Sable sur Sarthe

(near Le Mans)
Gamma rays

ZA de l'Aubrée
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usine de Sablé sur Sarthe


Treatment without depalletising
Pallet unaffected
Packages up to 2.4 m3 and 1 tonne
Treatment at refrigerated temperatures

The plant at Sablé, which opened in September 1992, was designed by CONSERVATOME and built by GAME, a subsidiary of SGN.

Irradiation is performed: by the pallet, maximum dimensions 1000 x 1200 x 2000 mm,
on two separate lines around a plane source, enabling low doses to be administered at very competitive rates, with no human intervention, from the automatic storage/retrieval machine to the unit;
maximum capacity 3,500,000 Curies.

sable stockage The SABLE plant implements a fully automatic system.
Irradiation is carried out directly by the pallet or big bag,
with no human intervention, using an automatic storage/retrieval machine.

Maximum pallet dimensions:
1 x 1,2 x 2 m et 1.000 kgs
capacity 50,000 pallets per year