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Fields of application of ionization


Irradiated products offer :

Excellent microbiological quality for a more adequate response to health requirements and fewer bacteriological controls during manufacture.

Extended shelf life whilst preserving the product's nutritional and sensory qualities.

The devising of new products receives fresh impetus from the use of irradiated packaging and basic materials.

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Irradiation enhances the mechanical characteristics of polyethylene films and provides identical performance with 40 to 60% thinner films.

It extends the melting ranges of shrink films, making machine setting easier and improving the shrinking.

Lastly, it gives the film an extra glossy appearance. A number of research programmes are currently underway to extend the field of polymer irradiation applications.

Irradiation is being used more and more extensively for empty packaging and raw materials as well as for finished products. This is being done with a view to quality assurance along with laminar flow, clean room operations and automated process techniques.

Sterilisation of disposable medical and surgical supplies and laboratory items is done through hermetically sealed packaging at the palletised packaged product stage.

This leaves no toxic residue in the irradiated material, thereby making the material immediately available for use following sterilisation.

The effectiveness of irradiation was recognised back in the early 1950s, and is the leading sterilisation process in economically developed countries, particularly in the US.