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The IONISOS Group acquired a facility for electron beam cross-linking in Germany in November 2016.
This location in Salzenforst near Bautzen and close to Dresden was built in 2009 by LEONI AG. The strategic location in the three-country corner ensures direct access to the markets in Poland and the Czech Republic.
Presently, two state-of-the-art accelerator lines (Energy 1.5 – 3.0 MeV, output 220 kW) are used to treat reeled products such as cables, pipes and heat shrinkable tubing. In the process, the long polymer chains of the Polyolefins are crosslinked by introducing new carbon-carbon bonds into the molecular structure.
Crosslinking leads to considerable improvement in the heat performance, mechanical and chemical properties of the materials, so melting, for example, is not possible anymore.

At Ionisos Bautzen approximately 30 highly motivated employees are working in 3 shift mode and provide a reliable service to customers in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.
The electron beam equipment includes hi-tech in-line monitoring of the cross-linking process thus ensuring the high quality requirements of our customers can be reproducibly achieved.

The facility currently processed approximately 100 million linear meters of customer product each year and has capacity available to cater for market growth over the foreseeable years.

The actual processing of materials takes place in a shielded concrete vault with a speed of up to several 100 meters per minute. The goods are unreeled and exposed to the accelerated electrons according to clearly defined process parameters.
The electrons penetrate the materials homogenously and lead to the desired crosslinking effect. Radiation crosslinking of polymers is very well accepted in various fields of application and offers cost and quality advantages compared to chemical crosslinking. Radiation cross-linking is often a more economical alternative to the use of high priced high performance polymers.

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