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Compatibility Materials

  • Metals are not modified by radiation sterilisation because all the energy is dissipated, without risk of activation
    (Ref. : Manual on Radiation Sterilization of Medical and Biological Materials, Technical Reports series n°149, p.182, IAEA, Vienna, 1973).
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  • Metals can not adsorb ethylene oxide.
  • Glass stains with radiation at a low dose (a few kilograms).
  • Glass can not adsorb ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide:

  • Compatibility related to absorption (attention to the level of porosity)
  • Compatibility related to process conditions

For radiation sterilisation, knowing that a material is generally formulated (risk related to extractibles and new formations), it is strongly recommended to carry out preliminary tests.

For its irradiation tests, Ionisos is chartered Research Tax Credit